Our company philosophy is to work efficiently and happily!

By providing agents with a friendly environment, we want every agent to feel at home when working in the office.

Our company strives to provide our employees with strict deadlines but also rewarding experiences. With that in mind, teamwork is always a key component when working to meet deadlines and completing tasks here at Legend Realty & Finance Group. Teamwork and leadership come hand-in-hand with everything we do at our company and is essential to our company's goal of providing excellence service to our customers and clients. As a result, we came up with the idea of creating teambuilding trips on the weekends to places like San Francisco, where our whole team work together on a particular outdoor activity like catching geoduck, fishing, rowing, hiking and much more. 

On some weekends, we like to invite our current clients and customers to join us on outdoor activities near or around the Bay Area. We have a Facebook Page titled Bay Area Outdoor Activities Group that you are welcomed to join if you are interested in going on trips with our company! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in the upcoming outdoor event. We are looking forward to meet and greet new faces! See you there!