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The process to buy home from home builder

It's very different from buying pre-owned home

1. Educate the buyer:
If they go to the sales office of home builder and talked or registered with the sales person, home builder won't give us referral fee

2. Where to find new home
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C. Do google search

3. Bring the buyer to the sales office of home builder with your business card, and ask for registration form, fill in you and your client's information, make sure to get a copy of it

4. Remember from the home builder, you get the "referral fee", not commission

New homes vs. pre-owned homes

1. New community, good environment
2. Usually spacious living room, big master bed room with large bath room
3. Modern kitchen and appliance
4. Usually more bath room, good for renting out some spare room
5. Overall, competary design has big appeal to young people

1. Usually small common bed room
2. Usually small backyard, short distance between neighbors
3. Usually small parking space for guests
4. Usually have HOA fee, even for single family home

Also you can use the following link to find new home:

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